Friday, 21 February 2014

TimeGiant - Been Here Before [Official Music Video]

Turn it up and get ready to feel the "deja vu", as TimeGiant takes you on the road and back again with "Been Here Before"!  The brand new music video, filmed and produced by Rich Meisner (, is a feel good ride as the boys travel the North-American highways, entertaining hordes of fist-pumping fans and whiskey drinkers at every stop along the way.  The video culminates with a shoot at the infamous, "Cherry Cola's Rock n' Roll Cabaret" in downtown Toronto, and shows a brilliant mix of light-hearted fun and power-house rock n' roll.  The track, Been Here Before was produced by notable Treble Charger front-man, Grieg Nori, and was recorded at Coalition Studios.  TimeGiant - Been Here Before will leave you with your hands in the air and a chant that radiates from your mind and body.  Check it our friends and don't forget to crank that speaker dial to 11!!!!!


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