Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Drummer Crashes into Planet Earth

Greetings planet Earth.  Government officials have announced that an asteroid has struck the heart of the nation, after plummeting from a galaxy far away.  The large block of space metal has exploded in Toronto, Ontario and was noted to be carrying a life-force in it's gravitational pull.  Charlie "CMACK" McKittrick was first discovered by a group of long-haired rugged musicians known as TIMEGIANT and has since been accepted as one of their own.  Ladies and Gentlemen prepare yourself for a Rock n' Roll hell ride, batten down the hatches and retreat to your nearest bomb shelter.  THE BOYS ARE BACK and they're coming to a city near you!  New tunes, New drummer, and a whole lot of love!!!!!   GET SOME!

-Watstone Cowboy

-Thanks a lot C-Mack and welcome to the band.  Many incredible times await!  Cheers