Sunday, 4 December 2011

Recording at Coalition Music... NEW TRACKS!!!

HEY NOW!!!  Well once again the boys of TIMEGIANT are back in the studio!  We're currently recording with Coalition Music, and working on some kick ass, LOUD and OBNOXIOUS rock n' roll tunes!  The process is exciting as always and the 15 hour days of take after take can really wear on us, but our spirits are never broken.  "I Am The Fire", "Reach Out", and "We Forgot The Reason" are the tunes we're currently working on, and believe me you are in for a real treat!  Picture a peanut butter-smothered chocolate fudge brownie dipped in Jack Daniels whiskey served by a gorgeous woman on a solid gold platter (or if you're a girl just picture Tyrone on a beach... naked).  That kind of treat.  The tracks are fresh and full of energy and we look forward to performing some of the tunes for the very first time live at our upcoming shows.  We expect to release a new single to itunes and radio stations across the nation by the start of 2012.  If your New Years Resolution isn't FOLLOW Timegiant hard than you're fuckin weird!  CHEERS everybody and be sure to catch our final show of 2011 and our first show of 2012!

December 23rd 2011  "WRECK THE HALLS" christmas bash   Live at the River Rock, Chatham, ONT
January 6th 2012  "LIVE AND LOUD"  Live at the Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ONT

Thanks again for following TIMEGIANT, we love you!!!!  New website coming soon!



Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another Kickin' Halloween / Back in the Studio

HEY EVERYONE!!!  Once again TIMEGIANT had a killer Halloween show on Saturday Oct. 29th 2011.  Despite the fact that you crazy Canadian fans drank the bar out of beer, whiskey, and vodka before we even hit the stage, I think everyone still managed to have a killer time!  (Rum and Tequila were still present at least!)  Costumes looked great, and we had an awesome time bringing Pro Wrestling and Rock n' Roll together!  Now that all the fun and games are over, it's time to get serious.  TIMEGIANT will be returning to the studio November. 11th to record an album to Remember!  3 brand new unreleased tracks will be recorded at Coalition Studios in Toronto, Ontario so stay tuned for the release of a brand new single by the end of the year!  We will be finishing recordings in December, and you can expect a brand new studio album at the start of 2012.  Cheers everyone!  Rock on!!!

Don't miss TIMEGIANT live at the Bovine Sex Club Wednesday. Nov. 23rd!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

TIMEGIANT brings the FIRE!!!!!

Hey everyone out there on the world wide web, how goes it!!!  Hope you're keeping busy, living loud, and eagerly awaiting the next TIMEGIANT performance!  We recently recorded a very rare acoustic show on a Fire Escape at a private location downtown Toronto.  "The Fire Escape Sessions" gave us the unique experience of performing a simplified set of 4 original tracks.  It was a beauty night and the beer was flowing freely much like the long hair in attendence!  The official live video recording will be released very soon so remember to follow TIMEGIANT on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter!  For now, enjoy these pictures and ready yourselves for the eargasim that will soon follow!

-R. Watson

TIMEGIANT's live "Fire Escape Sessions" recording will be available soon.  For now, check out other artists performing at

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Hey everyone!  Hope your summer has been hot and loud, and chalked full of rock n' roll tunes in the sun!  After taking a bit of time to focus on song writing, TIMEGIANT is set to return to the big stage with more power than ever before!!!  We will be performing at Cherry Cola's Rock n' Rolla ( over the next couple of months with a full set of original tunes backed by the always beautiful burlesque dancers.  The bar is located at 200 Bathurst St. downtown Toronto, and is always packed so come early and bring your dancing feet!

Come to Cherry Cola's and lose yourself in the hypnotic ambiance.

"Once inside, you can not help becoming enveloped in the opulence and the atmosphere. Red velvet wallpaper lines the walls screaming out “touch me!” all the while dozens of antique mirrors scream back “look at me!” " -Cherry Cola's

Awesome bar, and one hell of a party so make sure to come check the band with 3 performances at Cherry Cola's and other dates around Toronto to be announced.

TIMEGIANT will be performing in Toronto on:

Saturday September 10th - Cherry Cola's
Friday September 23 - Bovine Sex Club
Saturday October15 - Cherry Cola's
Saturday October 22 - Cherry Cola's

Help us keep the dream alive, and remember to "like" Timegiant on facebook!  Stop in for a beer with the boys this fall and stay tuned for upcoming announcements.  GET SOME!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Long "TIME" no see...

Hey all how's it going!?!  I must apologize for the lack of posts as of late!  Timegiant is alive and well and performing all over Ontario!  We have been keeping very busy with lots of new songs on the go.  After filming an awesome live show at Supermarket in Kensington Market, Toronto, we are preparing for the release of many new tunes on YOUTUBE.  Keep amped, live the dream and remember to check myspace, facebook and twitter for all the new TIMEGIANT updates!!!  HITTING THE ROAD HARD in 2011!!!  New shirts now available!!!!!!!  CHEERS!

-watstone cowboy

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ITUNES, NAPSTER, AMAZON you name it! *Spring/Summer Touring!

Hey everyone how's it going?  We're very excited to announce that our new album "Grow" is now available world wide on iTunes, Napster, Amazon and most other major online stores.  You can grab the full album for less than $7.00 so it's a definite steal!  Hope all the TIMEGIANT fans are getting amped for Spring because we will be touring our asses off this year!  We are currently booked to play the following dates:

March 26th - Dr. Jekylls Roadhouse (w/ HOLLOWICK)- Strathroy, On
March 28th - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, On
March 29th - Indie Music Lounge - Kingston, On
April 15th - Cherry Cola's - Toronto, On
May 4th - Supermarket - Toronto, On
May 5th - Norma Jeans 2 - Tillsonburg, On
June 15th - Leopards Lounge - Windsor, On
June 17th - Bailey Reids - Blenheim, On
June 18th - Dr. Jekylls Roadhouse - Strathroy, On
July 14th - Norma Jeans - London, On
July 15th - Live Lounge - Ottawa, On

Also, we are currently booking an Eastern Canada tour that will take place from June 15th (starting in Windsor, Ontario) to Mid July.  Keep checking our myspace, facebook, twitter, and blog for more information!  TIMEGIANT is hitting the road hard, come on out and party with us!!!  Cheers

-watstone cowboy

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Album, New Blog, More Shows!

Hey everyone!  Watson here!  This is my first attempt at creating a blog, so go easy on me for the first couple weeks!  I hope you all enjoy it and continue to follow TIMEGIANT as we go about our daily adventures.  With the release of our new album, "Grow"  we have been able to really start moving forward with our goals here in Toronto.  It has been a long time coming (over 3 years in the writing/recording process) but we have finally released what we feel is a huge step in the right direction.  Our CD release shows in Blenheim, Ottawa, Toronto, Strathroy and Windsor were all very successful for us and we can't thank you enough for your continued support.  We are very excited to announce our next show will be at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario on March. 28th.  For those of you who aren't familiar the Horseshoe as seen many incredible talents over the years and has boosted many bands to stardom including The Tragically Hip.  We hope to see all of you crazy Toronto fans out there in flying colours!  We are also currently in the midst of booking a Spring/Summer tour across Eastern Canada.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and remember to KEEP IT LOUD!! 

-Love your barefooted friend Ryan Watson.