Wednesday, 5 October 2011

TIMEGIANT brings the FIRE!!!!!

Hey everyone out there on the world wide web, how goes it!!!  Hope you're keeping busy, living loud, and eagerly awaiting the next TIMEGIANT performance!  We recently recorded a very rare acoustic show on a Fire Escape at a private location downtown Toronto.  "The Fire Escape Sessions" gave us the unique experience of performing a simplified set of 4 original tracks.  It was a beauty night and the beer was flowing freely much like the long hair in attendence!  The official live video recording will be released very soon so remember to follow TIMEGIANT on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter!  For now, enjoy these pictures and ready yourselves for the eargasim that will soon follow!

-R. Watson

TIMEGIANT's live "Fire Escape Sessions" recording will be available soon.  For now, check out other artists performing at