Sunday, 4 December 2011

Recording at Coalition Music... NEW TRACKS!!!

HEY NOW!!!  Well once again the boys of TIMEGIANT are back in the studio!  We're currently recording with Coalition Music, and working on some kick ass, LOUD and OBNOXIOUS rock n' roll tunes!  The process is exciting as always and the 15 hour days of take after take can really wear on us, but our spirits are never broken.  "I Am The Fire", "Reach Out", and "We Forgot The Reason" are the tunes we're currently working on, and believe me you are in for a real treat!  Picture a peanut butter-smothered chocolate fudge brownie dipped in Jack Daniels whiskey served by a gorgeous woman on a solid gold platter (or if you're a girl just picture Tyrone on a beach... naked).  That kind of treat.  The tracks are fresh and full of energy and we look forward to performing some of the tunes for the very first time live at our upcoming shows.  We expect to release a new single to itunes and radio stations across the nation by the start of 2012.  If your New Years Resolution isn't FOLLOW Timegiant hard than you're fuckin weird!  CHEERS everybody and be sure to catch our final show of 2011 and our first show of 2012!

December 23rd 2011  "WRECK THE HALLS" christmas bash   Live at the River Rock, Chatham, ONT
January 6th 2012  "LIVE AND LOUD"  Live at the Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ONT

Thanks again for following TIMEGIANT, we love you!!!!  New website coming soon!