Monday, 19 November 2012


Hey friends!  TimeGiant is keeping in typical rock n' roll fashion with new tunes, and big recordings!  Tonight we're at Epik Productions in Toronto recording drum tracks for one of our earliest gems, "Blind".  With producer Ross Citrullo manning the board, the track is quickly coming to life with huge 70's tones that would make your deaf grandmother groove!  Recording the drums in an open hall way is giving us that classic, BIG '"zeppelin" feel with our own modern twist.  Big things are in motion for the boys of TimeGiant!  Last week we worked with producer/songwriter Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven) and we will also be writing/recording with producer Greig Norri (Treble Charger, Sum 41) in early December.  It won't be long now and we will have some major studio ammunition to fire your way, but until then, be sure to catch TimeGiant live in a city near you!

Dec. 8th @ Cherry Cola's Rock n' Roll Cabaret - Toronto, On.
Dec. 16th @ Bobby O' Brian's (Official Strummerfest 2012 After Party) - Kitchener, On.
Dec. 21st @ Elephants Nest - Chatham, On.
Jan. 4th @ The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, On.
Feb. 2nd @ Silver Dollar Lounge - Toronto, On.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hey YOU!  Ya you!  That's right I'm talking to your long-haired, AC/DC shirt-wearin, beer guzzling, rip jean-havin, school-skippin ass!  Your boys in TimeGiant are in a competition and are vying for a chance to open for Canadian rock greats, The Trews.  Just one vote a day will help us out immensely and right now we need the TimeGiant army to rally the troops and fire the cannons!  Check out our video on the whiskey rocks website and vote by clicking here!

Now that we've got your attention, it's time for an update!  The boys in TimeGiant have been rocking hard and are now busier than ever!  We've nearly finished our recording sessions with Jon Drew and the first mixes are sounding larger than life!  The band has been working a new single with the help of song writer/guitarist Sean Kelly (Crash Kelly, Nelly Furtado, Helix) and we will be sitting with song writer/producer Greig Nori (Treble Charger) in the coming weeks to work on yet another TimeGiant grand slam!  Tyrone and Charlie also recently recorded a version of a newer TimeGiant song, "Been Here Before" so be sure to check out the video on YouTube and let us know what you think!  Cheers, and KEEP IT LOUD!

-watstone cowboy

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hey friends, hope all is well and you're keeping hydrated with jack daniel's and a healthy dose of TimeGiant rock n' roll!  The boys are almost done recording and you can expect a brand new single and music video this fall!  TimeGiant is kickin' ass and taking names, and after a massive show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on September. 1st, the band is amped and turning a lot of heads in the big city.  Special thanks to our friends at T-Mak World for an amazing show review and some great photos!  Check it out here!

TimeGiant will be returning to Chatham, Ontario for a show live at Elephants Nest on September. 22nd so get ready to turn it up and burn it down!  With the completion of the new tracks, TimeGiant will be touring all over Canada so stay tuned and don't forget to sign up for the Official TimeGiant Mailing List for up-to-date information and free giveaways!  LIVE THE DREAM!


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Endless Summer

Hey friends!  TimeGiant is kicking ass in full force this Summer and we have all sorts of good news to share! The band will be heading in to the legendary Canadian recording studio, "Metal Works", this Sunday August. 12th to begin recording drum and bass guitar tracks for three brand new tunes consisting of, "I Am The Fire", "Been Here Before", and "Hard Lovin' Woman".  With Juno-nominated producer Jon Drew (Alexisonfire, The Arkells, The Balconies etc.) manning the sessions, TimeGiant is confident that they will deliver a hard-hitting rock n' roll album.  Fans can expect a new single complete with a music video and several follow-up releases by the fall.

In addition to recording, TimeGiant will be setting its sights on South-Western Ontario with upcoming tour dates in some of our favourite cities!  Don't miss the band at these locations!

Thursday August. 30th - Kitchener, Ontario @ Molly Blooms
Friday August. 31st - London, Ontario @ The Tap House
Saturday September 1st - Toronto, Ontario @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Saturday September 22nd - Chatham, Ontario @ Elephant's Nest

It's a busy time of year for your local long-hairs, so get ready because the roads will rumble as the TimeGiant VANimal rolls into a town near you!  Stay tuned for more updates!  LIVE THE DREAM!

-watstone cowboy

Monday, 11 June 2012


Hey friends hope you're skipping hair cuts and living the dream!  The boys in TimeGiant are working hard and preparing for a kick ass Summer full of heavy rock n' roll shows, new recordings, videos, and 5 hard-hitting tracks on a new EP.  We'll be recording in less than a month with critically acclaimed producer Jon Drew (Arkells, Dinosaur Bones, Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club) and can't wait to see you at the upcoming events!

In addition, we are introducing a brand new MAILING LIST to keep you updated on our fractious adventures!  Once a month we will be sending out a news letter to inform you of upcoming concerts, radio shows, press releases and more.  We will also be giving away exclusive content to mailing list members such as secret acoustic videos, free merchandise, V.I.P concert passes and the keys to our hearts!  Current members have just received a live acoustic video of our unreleased single, "Been Here Before".  Join now to ensure you receive up-to-date information and our bonus monthly giveaways!

TimeGiant Official Mailing List

Cheers ye scallywags, COME ABOARD!

- Captain Watson.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Check it out friends this video will make you put the pedal down as you cruise down the highway rockin' 140 with a cold one in hand! This is "Zenith" from TimeGiant's 2011 album "GROW", with live footage from Canadian Music Week in March 2012.  We are currently in the studio recording ghost tracks, and we'll be recording several new tracks this July.  Stay tuned for upcoming news and a brand new release this Fall!  Don't miss your chance to see the boys at these up coming dates!

June. 15th - Supermarket - Toronto, On. - North by North-East 
June. 23rd - HMV - Toronto, On. - (Acoustic Performance 3:00pm)
July. 1st - Canada Day Fireworks - Erieau, On. (8:00pm All Ages @ the beach, 11:00 19+ @The Sandbar) 
July. 5th - The Harb - Owen Sound, On.
July. 6th - The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, On.

This Summer is heating up with a volcanic eruption of rock n' roll!  GET SOME!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blood, Guts, and Glory

It was a bloody night for TimeGiant but the energy could be felt from miles around.  We played a sold out show Saturday May. 12th with U.S.S and The Balconies in Hamilton, Ontario as the crowd stretched around the building early on.  Despite the fact that a broken bottle backstage left Tyrone's hand gashed and bleeding profusely just minutes before hitting the stage, we managed to pull together like a group of seasoned road-warriors and opened the night with intensity.  Ty's Guitar is pictured above, stained a crimson red colour.  Well you know what they say, the show must go on!  Thank you Hamilton for a kick ass night!  Many more sold out shows to come! Enjoy,


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Recording at Coalition Studios

The boys are back in the studio recording 8 new tracks LIVE off the floor!  After 4 hours of setting the room up with top quality gear, well over 20 different mics and some thunderous Motorhead blaring through the speakers, we are finally ready to rip it up!  Brand new tracks including "Hard Loving Woman", "Farcaster", "Been Here Before" and five others are about to be captured live in the chapel at Coalition Studios.  We have spent the past few months focusing our attention on the quality of our songs and I am confident the time and energy exerted will shine through on the new record.  Kevin and Stefan have been a huge help setting us up, and now it's about time to crack a beer and let the magic happen!  TURN IT UP!  IT'S ON!  come get some.

-watstone cowboy

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Hey Now!!!  The boys of TimeGiant are at it again, getting ready for two explosive shows this May!  Sharing the stage with our good friends in The Honey Runners as well as The Tricky Ones on May 10th at The Rivoli (Queen and Spadina), TimeGiant is preparing for battle with axes in hand. We'll be hitting the stage at 11:45 and breaking out an onslaught of brand new material fresh from the TimeGiant kiln.

For those fans a little South-West of Toronto, TimeGiant will be performing at this years Hamilton Spring Music Festival on Saturday May 12th sharing the stage with rising stars USS.  We will hit the stage at 9:20 and be sure to purchase your tickets early as this show is expected to sell out.  Tickets are $15.00 in advance, $17.00 at the door.  GET YOUR TIMEGIANT FIX!  It's gonna get loud.  (Click the links above and below for more information)




Friday, 30 March 2012

LIVE at Canadian Music Week

Hey all you hangover having, long-hairs!  I sure hope everyone survived the debauchery of Canadian Music Week 2012!  TIMEGIANT played a packed house at the Supermarket in Toronto, Ontario on Friday, March 23rd to a boisterous crowd, fist-pumping with bull horns in the air.  With bars open and serving until 4:00am and over 900 bands from 40 different countries from around the world, friends and fans alike knew they were in for a ride.  Windsor fans would be stoked to know that we cranked up the tunes and kicked off the set with a rarely seen crack at one of the first songs we ever wrote, "BLIND".  Playing a 40 minute set with old TIMEGIANT hits and brand new tracks such as, "Close To Me", and "We Forgot The Reason", the band was able to captivate the crowd and have a whole lot of fun in the process (and with bars open till 4am, our 1am set was just a nightly warm-up!).  Special thanks to for an awesome review of the set!  (See link below)

We had an incredible time playing, and were able to watch some amazing bands as well.  Stay tuned Toronto, and get ready because TIMEGIANT is coming at ya LOUDER THAN EVER!

- R. Watson

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


TIMEGIANT - Temple in the Sky

Hey everyone,

Hope you enjoy this live acoustic performance from October 2011.  TIMEGIANT was performing downtown Toronto at a private location for the "Fire Escape Sessions" weekly recording.  Temple in the Sky is the 4th track off of TIMEGIANT'S first full-length album "GROW", and has been a constant summer hit.  Crack a beer, head to the beach, and ride the waves on down to California!

Special thanks to the crew at "Fire Escape Sessions" for making this video possible.

"Temple in the Sky" and other TIMEGIANT songs can be purchased on iTunes.



Monday, 20 February 2012

FAMILY DAY!!! Feb.20th

There is nothing more sacred than the institution of family, and here in Toronto the boys of TIMEGIANT have reinvented the word and discovered love, passion, diversity, acceptance, and an incredible taste for cheap beer.  Through thick and thin and nearly 6 years together as a Rock n' Roll outfit spawning in Windsor, Ontario, TIMEGIANT has grown together to become a family like no other.  We spent the majority of the past 6 years living under the same roof, touring in the same van, and occasionally waking up in the same front yard!  We've never once turned our backs on each other, and I'm proud to say after all these years, we are stronger than ever and ready and willing to conquer the music industry.  From our early days as teenagers starting out just miles from the American border, to our many days on the road touring across the nation, TIMEGIANT has found themselves in "The Big Smoke" Toronto, Ontario with just one goal in mind.  Like the classic cartoon "Pinky and the Brain", we too plan on doing the same thing each and every night... "Try to take over the world".  So as we spend this Family Day together sipping sangria, reminiscing about past shows, and speaking of future glory we would like to extend our greatest thanks to you, the TIMEGIANT army!  To all the wonderful fans who have ever bought a ticket, screamed from the front row, provided a couch to crash on or just shared a laugh over a few pints, THANK YOU!!!  You will forever be a member of the rock n' roll, dysfunctional family that is TIMEGIANT.  WE LOVE YOU!!!  Stay tuned for big things to come from your crazy family in TIMEGIANT!  Cheers...

-Uncle Watson

NEXT SHOW - March 24th - Canadian Music Week - Supermarket - Toronto, Ont.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Drummer Crashes into Planet Earth

Greetings planet Earth.  Government officials have announced that an asteroid has struck the heart of the nation, after plummeting from a galaxy far away.  The large block of space metal has exploded in Toronto, Ontario and was noted to be carrying a life-force in it's gravitational pull.  Charlie "CMACK" McKittrick was first discovered by a group of long-haired rugged musicians known as TIMEGIANT and has since been accepted as one of their own.  Ladies and Gentlemen prepare yourself for a Rock n' Roll hell ride, batten down the hatches and retreat to your nearest bomb shelter.  THE BOYS ARE BACK and they're coming to a city near you!  New tunes, New drummer, and a whole lot of love!!!!!   GET SOME!

-Watstone Cowboy

-Thanks a lot C-Mack and welcome to the band.  Many incredible times await!  Cheers