Wednesday, 29 February 2012


TIMEGIANT - Temple in the Sky

Hey everyone,

Hope you enjoy this live acoustic performance from October 2011.  TIMEGIANT was performing downtown Toronto at a private location for the "Fire Escape Sessions" weekly recording.  Temple in the Sky is the 4th track off of TIMEGIANT'S first full-length album "GROW", and has been a constant summer hit.  Crack a beer, head to the beach, and ride the waves on down to California!

Special thanks to the crew at "Fire Escape Sessions" for making this video possible.

"Temple in the Sky" and other TIMEGIANT songs can be purchased on iTunes.



Monday, 20 February 2012

FAMILY DAY!!! Feb.20th

There is nothing more sacred than the institution of family, and here in Toronto the boys of TIMEGIANT have reinvented the word and discovered love, passion, diversity, acceptance, and an incredible taste for cheap beer.  Through thick and thin and nearly 6 years together as a Rock n' Roll outfit spawning in Windsor, Ontario, TIMEGIANT has grown together to become a family like no other.  We spent the majority of the past 6 years living under the same roof, touring in the same van, and occasionally waking up in the same front yard!  We've never once turned our backs on each other, and I'm proud to say after all these years, we are stronger than ever and ready and willing to conquer the music industry.  From our early days as teenagers starting out just miles from the American border, to our many days on the road touring across the nation, TIMEGIANT has found themselves in "The Big Smoke" Toronto, Ontario with just one goal in mind.  Like the classic cartoon "Pinky and the Brain", we too plan on doing the same thing each and every night... "Try to take over the world".  So as we spend this Family Day together sipping sangria, reminiscing about past shows, and speaking of future glory we would like to extend our greatest thanks to you, the TIMEGIANT army!  To all the wonderful fans who have ever bought a ticket, screamed from the front row, provided a couch to crash on or just shared a laugh over a few pints, THANK YOU!!!  You will forever be a member of the rock n' roll, dysfunctional family that is TIMEGIANT.  WE LOVE YOU!!!  Stay tuned for big things to come from your crazy family in TIMEGIANT!  Cheers...

-Uncle Watson

NEXT SHOW - March 24th - Canadian Music Week - Supermarket - Toronto, Ont.