Friday, 30 March 2012

LIVE at Canadian Music Week

Hey all you hangover having, long-hairs!  I sure hope everyone survived the debauchery of Canadian Music Week 2012!  TIMEGIANT played a packed house at the Supermarket in Toronto, Ontario on Friday, March 23rd to a boisterous crowd, fist-pumping with bull horns in the air.  With bars open and serving until 4:00am and over 900 bands from 40 different countries from around the world, friends and fans alike knew they were in for a ride.  Windsor fans would be stoked to know that we cranked up the tunes and kicked off the set with a rarely seen crack at one of the first songs we ever wrote, "BLIND".  Playing a 40 minute set with old TIMEGIANT hits and brand new tracks such as, "Close To Me", and "We Forgot The Reason", the band was able to captivate the crowd and have a whole lot of fun in the process (and with bars open till 4am, our 1am set was just a nightly warm-up!).  Special thanks to for an awesome review of the set!  (See link below)

We had an incredible time playing, and were able to watch some amazing bands as well.  Stay tuned Toronto, and get ready because TIMEGIANT is coming at ya LOUDER THAN EVER!

- R. Watson